KiteKriol has a team of 3 instructors and 2 assistants fluent in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) able to offer lessons for all abilities, from complete beginners to advanced level.
The lesson durations are rough guides and the courses often overrun – we finish when all is complete, you’ve had a fun session and a good go at everything, not when the clock says so.

The one day kitesurfing course is aimed at complete beginners and a great introduction to the sport. Initially learning the fundamentals and kite control whilst covering safety, site assessments, and kite set ups then moving into the water for body dragging.

Lessons are divided in 5 steps:

  • Intro
  • Wind Direction, safety, direction control
  • Body dragging
  • Steady pool, sail control, water start, body position
  • Improve your stands (full riding)

Kiteboarding is an easy sport to learn, with the right instruction from KiteKriol you can get up and riding fast and safely. Its our passion to get you started on your kiteboarding adventure by offering a range of beginner lesson options at the best Kiteboarding locations in Boa Vista. All top of the range equipment and wetsuits are included in your lesson fee.

We can also help you take your riding to the next level. For you advanced or aspiring Pro riders check out our progression pages. You can also come along to our Events, including jumping seminars, EXCEL sessions, safety sessions, Free student sessions and freestyle clinics with one of Boavista’s top Kiteboarders.

Our lesson rate is just 50€ an hour for a private lesson. Getting started – check our beginners’ section for some package details.

Book online or call us on +238.9943487 to get started on your kiteboarding adventure!


Want to learn to kitesurf?


Take it to the next level!


Be coached by the best!


Perfect gift for friends & family.


Kitesurf Clinics

Our instructors want to give you a closer look at wave kitesurfing and with their 8 years experience braving the waves of Boa Vista they are able to bring you to the next level.

Yuri and Jock are amongst the best kitesurfers in Cape Verde thus they will devote themselves to your individual pace. So if you’re just coming to grips with upwind, want to improve your jumps, add rotations, pull the trigger on some kite loops, unhook for some freestyle glory then you’re coming to right place with a pro team.. It’s also a fantastic place to hone your surfboard skills, offering you the opportunity to learn and practice skills on the flat sea before taking you out to the wave spots.

Kite Like a Pro!


Lesson prices include all kiting and safety equipment. Make sure you bring water, sunscreen and beachwear. For lessons in the water you’ll also need a towel and bathers – we’ll provide a wetsuit as part of your package, but you’re welcome to bring your own.

Our Kite Instructors

Name: Mite
Age: 29 years old

Mite is an excellent communicator therefore he is in charge of the reception where everything begins.
He is able to welcome customers in 4 different languages and gives a complete briefing about the whole kite-sphere at KiteKriol.

When comes to kit lessons Mite uses his long experience in teaching exclusively the Beginners

Name: Yuri
Age: 30years old

This gentleman did rub shoulder with the best kitesurfers on the islands including Mitu and in less than 6 years he appeared in top 10 of best kitesurfers in Cabo Verde.

He is fluent in Italian, Portuguese and English and available to coach from complete beginner to advanced level.

Name: Fut
Age: 29 years old

Each inch of this 2metre tall man represents his talent to challenge the wind and the waves. Despite his height, nature bestowed an incredible flexibility on him thus Fut is among the best Freestyle riders in the entire archipelago.

Beach Assistants

Name: Aldair
Age: 24 years old Beach assistants and rescue boat captain.

Name: Dylan
Age: 20 years
Beach assistants and rescue boat captain.

They both started kitesurfing not so long ago, however, they’re already carving their names on the list of great surfers due to their quick progress. Due to their devotion and passion they are both already giving some kite advices.