Kite Trips & Downwinders

We organise Kite trips to several spots allowing riders to enjoy different conditions available on the island. Those trips are likewise a voyage to contemplate the mesmerising beauty of the island. All of our trips include an optional BBQ with fresh fish and drinks which bring customers and instructors together to get to know each other.


Kite Trip to Ervatão
Ervatão is located in the eastern part of the Island, this spot never fails to mesmerise any visitor due to its unique natural beauty combined with wave spots for beginners and advanced level.

The stunning little Oasis just in front of the beach is a natural tailor-made place to rest and have a BBQ.


Kite Trip to Varandinha
This sandy beach is located in southwest of Boa Vista and has a steady side-off-shore wind perfect for long rides (please check this info).

The long, sandy beach perfectly combined with the volcanic cliffs, is another stunning spot for waves lovers.

Ponta Antonia

Kite Trip to Ponta Antonia
Ponta Antonia is 35min driving from Sal-Rei and due to its location – Northeast – is the only on-shore wind side-on spot in the island thus this is a great and safe spot for jumping and freestyle. For adventurers surfers, we can also organise a bicycle trip to this spot.


KiteKriol is the only Kite centre that offers downwind on the island -one of the greatest journeys for a kitesurfer visiting the island.
This trip takes one to two different spots Varandinha and Morro d’Areia and throughout the journey there are many wave spots which makes this experience even more challenging and memorable.

At all-time there is a rescue boat and instructors to guarantee a safe experience. The downwind to Varandinha includes a BBQ on spot and to Morro d’Areia we return earlier and organise the BBQ at the Kite Centre. Both packages have a 4*4 car available to bring surfers back to Sal Rei.

Min. 5 people.